Copy Trading

Mesh Copy Trading Platform Via API

By our API copy trading platform, your exchange account trades manage by expert traders and you catch all of our signals on time.

We developed a platform, uses API connection to our customer’s exchange accounts can place multiply order at a time for the whole of our users. This application optimized to place ladder orders for entry and take profit zones and this makes always better entry point and higher profit for our trades. customers only provide Open position and order placement permission API keys for us.

Mesh API Trading suitable for:

  • Who don’t have enough time to analyze the market.
  • Amature traders want an only reasonable continuous income from the market.
  • Emotional traders lose money on trades and want to learn and take profit.

Security and Type of API accounts

This type of investment is more secure and you don’t need to deposit your money to our accounts/wallets, you deposit your capital on your own exchanges account and we do trades by API keys you provided from your exchanges account, also you can always monitor open positions and orders on your own account.

We have different trade strategies for accounts due to their balances, Starter account for <0.5 BTC balances and Normal account for >1 BTC balances.

Also, we have a capital management consultant for these service users for free to get maximum profit from trades.

You can find this service fees on our packages page.

Which exchanges we support for API trading?

Now we support only Bybit exchange BTCUSD pair but we plan to start BITMEX and add BTCUSDT and ETHUSD pairs in next months

API copy trading always trade on my account?

No, we open position for our users on valuable situations depending R/R ratio, it may be different depending on market situation but usually 3 or 4 times a week.

What i need for subscribe on API copy trading platform?

You need to open a Bybit account and make Open position and order placement API keys, copy-paste key and secret on the order form.

Account activation take 24 hours and your account go in trade on the next first position we will open.

Can i trade for my self on that account ?

NO!, it’s very dangerous and causes liquidation or big losses in your account, you can trade on other pairs but leave BTCUSD pair to us, Also you can open the second account on Bybit for your personal trades.

We temporary don't accept new users for this service due upgrade