A Focus on Market Depth.

90% of retail traders on markets lost their entire capital in 90 days.

By our research, we find 90% of peoples on markets loose their money in 90 days, These traders often make similar mistakes. Or that they do not follow the rules of trading in the markets and despite the success of their trades, the initial capital decreases.

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Mistakes such as not managing capital – not observing the percentage of risk to reward – the volume of mistakes when entering the initial trading…
To this end, we decided to explain the technical reason on the chart in addition to providing the signals, as well as the areas that could improve the entry or jeopardize the trade, along with the analysis. In addition, we will include educational materials on how to enter into positions as well as capital management.

Traders can join our VIP channel with a reasonable monthly price and enjoy more safe trades with our team.