Mesh has helped over 500 traders from around the world achieve outstanding results. Here are the FAQs we are often asked by people considering joining Club Mesh.

What is Mesh Signal Telegram channel?

We provide Cryptocurrency and FX potential buy and sell opportunities with a high R/R (Risk /Reward) ratio with Technical analysis for our subscribers.

Also, we track trades and announce any changes in targets and stop losses.

what is Our training program

We create training and education content for free every week on our training center and also we have some courses for amateurs/intermediate/advanced traders online on the zoom platform by a small cost periodically as request.

What is API Copy Trading?

By API copy trading you create your own exchange account ( we now support Bybit Exchange) and deposit your funds in your account and generate an API key with open position and order placement permission, all of our trades run in your account when we get in to any position and you can monitor your account and enjoy trading.

API copy trading suitable for who's?

Everyone can join our API copy trading platform, especially whos have other job and can not waste time on technical analysis, and also intermediate and amateur traders lost money on the market due to emotions and wrong decisions.

Also, professional traders can have a second account for compare performance.

Can i as professional trader o educator run a API trading platform?

Yes, we can provide our platform web application for pro traders to manage their customer’s accounts and run value-added services, platform run in an isolated VPS.

How much profit i receive on Mesh API copy trading?

We have two account type Starter and Standard depending on account balance, we get into safe positions and try to close the position by highest possible profit, but we look midterm 3- 6 month for this type of trading and we planned to gain average 20-30% / monthly for this customers but everything depend on market volatility and it can be high or low in some months

What is the difference between starter and Standard pkachage?

On starter package, we do more risk to gain our users faster but it some time cause losses depend on low balance loses not a big number but on Standard users we care more about stop loss and select valuable trades for this kind of accounts.

Subscription fee

As our past experiences, we calculated the subscription fee on starter plans 1/3- 1/4 of monthly profit for >0.2 BTC accounts for standard users it’s very better and more time it’s < 1/5 of monthly profit